'The Club Penguin Band, aka Penguin Band, is a very popular band in Club Penguin. They have released a lot of songs/instrumentals such as Better Days,Flipper Stomper, Penguin Band Boogie, and Wild Wild West, Anchors Aweigh, and Ghosts Just Wanna Dance. Franky was once Banned from playing for messing up too many times. There was an issue of The Club Penguin Timeswhere you could view their bios. Example: G Billy loves to play drums and pull pranks on Petey K. The Club Penguin Band is Club Penguins most popular and official band. It is made up of four Penguins: G Billy, Petey K, Stompin' Bob andFranky. There was once a scavenger hunt during the Lighthouse Party where penguins had to find The Band's instruments. Once players found the instruments, their Penguin was rewarded with a Band Background featuring The Band and their autographs. Another background was given out during the Music Jam party when The Penguin Band went on break. Like Rockhopper, the band members can be seen during certain parties on random servers signing autographed backgroundsand talking to Penguins. They are the only official band known in Club Penguin. It should be noted that the Penguin Band are not always together when on the island.