Fun gameEdit

Ok, you just gotta go on this link here

and tell everyone what you think is gonna happen to next years hurricanes. read the instructions, edit the page, sign with your signature and tell us what you think in comments below!


Just think... if these hurricanes went into CP, what would they do?

  • Andrea -
  • Barry -
  • Chantal -
  • Dorian -
  • Erin -
  • Fernand -
  • Gabrielle -
  • Humberto - Shroomberto (OMG SHROOOMS!!!!) forms in Sweden does snow instead of rain in christmas, goes to cp gets cat 5 landfall with his Norwegian sister Ingrid and gets retired. First Swedish-Club Pengy major hurricane ever with a Hispanic name. will get putin really angry, so he gets Club Penguin (for a random reason) to do a mass Party Rock, Everyday Shuffle, and "Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah" with pop duo LMFAO on tour in Club Penguin. takes everyone to the moon because he gets sucked into the moon a a Solar storm whilst actually is still is classified as H'Berto. Also, HB becomes a "celebrity" and will have a really popular movie worldwide by Universal Pictures named after him that releases in cinemas in 2014, called: SuperBerto: Club Penguin Reloaded. LMFAO makes an appearence and Humberto stars in their new music video in 2014 with the epic Redfoo dancing on top of HB with Skyblu, the Boxman and the Dope Zebra. So, so far, so good, a very strong Swedish-forming storm in Europe that makes landfall across Club Penguin. Later, Humberto is nicknamed the "SuperBerto: Storm that is Sorry for Party Rocking." Then, lots of cp babies (WAAA) and puffles in CP would be called Humberto and Humberta in 2014 and the years to come and then becomes widely popular. So... so far... so good... this is what will happen. Even Humberto joins in the party with LMFAO, the Simpsons, Family Guy, Lady Gaga (one of my favourite singers) and lots more! Humberto then says:"EVERYDAY I'M SHUFFLING!" and "XD CAUSE IMA RWK STAR AND I DONT NEED PAWTATOES!! XD"and then does the mass shuffle in the CP Nightclub with Redfoo and Skyblu. Unfortunately, due to the damage in Club Penguin caused by the frozen rain, and heavy snow, Humberto gets retired and replaced by Harry (after Harry Potter and Harry Styles from 1D.) Or maybe.... THE SIMPSONS! DO DO DO.... HB gets replaced by Homer?!? Like Homer Simpson?!? Let the Hum see the Berto. So... which is better? Homer or Harry. Which is better? There's only one way to find out: FIGHT! (Just like what comedian Harry Hill says on TV Burp on ITV.) ϟ☺, αηƴ◎ηε εηʝ☺⑂εⅾ мƴ ﹩т◎я¥⁈MlpRaraah The Awesome PonyMlp 21:14, November 3, 2012 (UTC) (UTC)
  • Ingrid -
  • Jerry -
  • Karen -
  • Lorenzo -
  • Melissa -
  • Nestor -
  • Olga -
  • Pablo -
  • Rebekah -
  • Sebastien -
  • Tanya -
  • Van -
  • Wendy -